Organiser un mariage est une tâche importante et passionnante, mais cela peut être stressant si vous ne savez pas par où commencer. L’une des questions les plus importantes à se poser lors de la planification d’un mariage est celle du lieu de la cérémonie et de la réception. C’est de cet élément que découleront tous vos autres choix. Voici donc les 7 questions essentielles à se poser pour organiser votre mariage en Normandie :

  1. Where will you marry you?

The wedding venue is the most important choice that you will make during the special day planning. That you would like an open-air or an inside wedding, in a castle or a domain, the first step Is about to determine where you want to marry you. According to your choice, you will be able to plan other elements such as the date, guests list size, menu, decoration and more.

  1. What is your wedding budget?

The budget is another key aspect to take into consideration during your wedding planning. Determine how much you are willing to spend on your special day and use this budget to define all necessary elements such as place, food, wedding dress and suit, flowers, music and more.


  1. When do you want to marry you?

Your wedding date is also important to take into consideration during the planning. It is important to book your wedding venue in advance, especially if you want to marry you during wedding season, from May to September approximately. Plan your wedding in advance to be able to book your wedding venue and your service providers in time.

  1. Who do you want to invite?

Decide on the size of your guest list and whom you wish to invite. The size of your guest list depends mainly on your budget and the wedding venue that you chose. Check to take into consideration the guests’ dietary needs to plan the menu.

  1. What will you serve for your wedding meal?

Food is another important element to take into consideration during your wedding planning. You can work with a caterer to elaborate a bespoke menu that reflect your tastes and style. In Josephine’s Gardens, all is anticipated to prepare and preserve food, obviously kitchens are disposable for your service providers.

  1. How will you decorate the reception venue?

Decoration is a key element to create the atmosphere you want for your wedding. You can hire a professional decorator or decide to decorate yourselves your wedding venue. Think about a wedding theme you like and choose a colour palette matching with your vision.

  1. How would you like to remember this special day?

Indeed, think about the way you would like to remember this special day. Do you want to take on a professional photographer to capture special moments of the day? Do you want physical memories as photo albums or videos? Think about your preferences and plan in consequence.

To conclude, wedding planning is a complex business that demand so much patience and preparation. Starting by booking a quality venue, you can be sure to leave on good bases for an unforgettable day. Josephine’s Gardens, located on the lovely region of Eure in Normandy, offer idyllic surroundings for your wedding, with beautiful gardens and quality facilities to welcome all your guests. Choosing Josephine’s Gardens, you can be sure to live an unique and memorable experience for your big day, with a professional team in your sides to help you in every step. So, don’t hesitate and contact us to plan your dream wedding in our beautiful domain.